Posted March 26, 2008 1:57 am by with 4 comments

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If you happen to find yourself working in the brave new world of "new media," raise your hands to the roof and give yourself a "w00t, w00t!"

According to a new report from PQ Media (via USA Today) we can expect companies to spend a lot more money on next generation marketing campaigns over the next four years.

…companies will spend more than $160.8 billion in 2012 — up 82% from 2008 — on 18 emerging markets including online videos, store-based TV screens, sponsored events, TV and movie product placements, cellphones, video games and digital video recorders.

Not only will companies spend more money on new media, these channels will account for almost 27% of all ad and marketing spend by 2012–compared to just 16% in 2008.

So, which hot new media marketing channels will benefit the most from this shift in marketing dollars? In the online marketing space:

  • Online search: spending will grow 113%, to $26.1 billion.
  • E-direct marketing:  a huge 121% increase in spending ($22.1 billion). What the heck is "e-direct?" Apparently it includes email and pop-up ads–which is like lumping chalk with cheese, but, oh well.
  • Online video and rich media: Spending grows 389%, to $12.2 billion.

Any other marketing channels you think will be "hot, hot, hot" over the next few years?