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A Gaggle of Google Filings

Three more interesting–albeit minor–announcements out of Mountain View. They all come from the company’s regulatory filings.

  1. Co-founders Page and Brin will keep their annual salaries at $1 a year. Don’t worry, even with the GOOG pps drop, they still have $13 billion in stock.
  2. Speaking of stock; Omid Kordestani and Alan Eustace (both Snr Veeps) weren’t content with their $450,000 salaries. They sold $32.7 million and $10.4 million respectively in GOOG stock.
  3. The last of Google’s regulatory disclosures. The company invested $1 million in a Chinese social networking startup named Comsenz, Inc.

  • Zen

    The thing is they started considering $1 as $1 billion dollars a while back. They’re not like the rest of us! :D LOL

  • Jayson

    It’s still $1 –

    I wonder if there’s something for Google stock holders to worry about…losing execs, these guys selling stocks. Most likely not but it’d make me question a thing or two.