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Google TV Ads hasn’t exactly gotten off to a flying start and things could look even more bleak with news the country’s six largest cable companies are joining forces to provide a competing service.

According to the NYT

…executives from Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Cox Communications, Charter Communications and Bright House Networks…are making plans for a jointly owned company that would allow national advertisers to buy customized ads and interactive ads across the companies’ systems.

They’ve anted-up $150 million to fund the project and hope to increase their $5 billion in local cable advertising to $15 billion.

Of course, like all cool projects, they’ve come-up with a code name for their initiative…

…code-named Project Canoe to emphasize that the companies must all work together…

Alternatively, it’s named "Project Canoe" because they hope to force Google up the proverbial creek without a paddle. 😉

  • I like the parting shot, Andy!

  • @Gab – thanks, I’m glad someone appreciated it! 😉

  • That is intresting indeed.. Google has a lot going on right now so it will be cool to see what comes of this.

  • It’s about time that someone or a company with some authority or ability is able to stand up to Google. For one, in regards to their search results…
    I really don’t think they are all that…
    I get just as good if not better results from Yahoo! or MSN
    due to the fact that Google literally screwed several sites … There used to be a time when Inktomi still played a major role with back then (Ask Jeeves) , that before Google began dumping all the good sites in the trash bin who doesnt “PAY” to be listed, that Google was a good search engine.
    Now it’s dominated by any site that can afford to “PAY” for Google ads, and the Google search reults are now crap.
    I’m a music lover for example, and love to play the guitar.
    Google used to provide good sites that offered that information free, to help others like me get started and see which method I may want to chose to learn from.
    NOW…Google has gone out of their way to accept a bunch of “Review Sites” some which hold top listings for any type of search result or search term that is “guitar related”, that will take you to these “Review Sites” many of which are all owned by the same guy, or company who is paying for “Google Ads”, who knows nothing about a guitar, how to play one, or …music in general.. These Review Sites are just sites by “some guy down the road” who discovered “Affiliate Programs” and who discovered he (or they) could get rich writing reviews and selling products that they literaly know nothing about.
    How is that supposed to help me as a consumer?
    For example, if you were looking to buy a new car, and Google gave you the search result for a “New Volvo – Top Rated 5 Star” which come to find out was a lemon, and not worth buying…
    But allowed “some review site” to pay for ads …just so they could both make money (Google and the Review Site)

    I guess, my question is, wouldnt you be mad if you bought that lemon?
    I think Google should be penalized and punished for the way the operate and steal business away from good legitimate business’s who do have good products to offer. But it appears that as long as Google makes a dollar from their paid ads, they dont care about what…they really promote.
    It kind of reminds me of a cartel of drug dealers, selling drugs to high school kids.
    Anything to make a dollar, despite the results.

  • Good move on their part. There is a lot of money to be made here.

  • Concerend

    I rarely see comments with more meat than the post.

    To be honest i did not even know Google did TV ads. I assume its in US right?

  • David Vogelpohl

    The devil you know vs. the devil you don’t.

    Ask TV networks what it’s like negotiating with companies who control the physical layer used to access customers.

    If you think Google is bad at monopolizing the web, wait until you see what the people who have already monopolized the physical layers of the Internet are going to do.

  • This is one battle that Google is really going to have a hard time winning.

  • I dont think that Google is bad at monopolizing the web.

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