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music on facebook logoRumors have been circulating about Facebook working on a music platform similar to MySpace’s for months. Today they’re being revived with news that Facebook’s “music division” has been in talks with record labels.

Apparently launched last month, the Music on Facebook page is suddenly drawing a lot more attention. The page appears to be a “meta page” for all Facebook Pages devoted to bands and music. In the sidebar BTF, they list their featured launch partners: more than 80 musicians and bands ranging from Wyclef to Keith Urban to Coldplay (all of which have their own Facebook Pages, of course).

But for Facebook to launch a real social media/music “revolution,” a lot more will have to happen. Predictions from CNET and paidContent include:

  • iTunes-like music download sales (though this would undermine iLike, Imeem, and similar apps)
  • Streaming music
  • DRM-free MP3 downloads
  • Some combination of the above

CNET reports that Facebook is trying to put these rumors to rest: “Facebook representatives have stressed that the music and film pages are strictly tied to the fan pages, not any kind of upcoming commerce.” Are they just denying it prior to the launch or is this (once again) much ado about nothing?

  • I think this is going to be very cool. They have all the abilities to make something very interesting out of this. Looking forwards to it.

  • Music is now free with such services like or

  • Lauren

    I don’t think Facebook should get with that whole music thing. Plus it already has “iLike” on there which lets us pick our fav songs and vids. Facebook would be so much like Myspace especially since EVERYONE can join Facebook now. I think it will probably give another company an oppurtunity to be what Facebook was. To me, Facebook is my refuge after getting a friend request from a douche bag that wants to hook up and just happens to have stupid music on his profile lol (just an example)I don’t object to change but I think Facebook is fine how it is and if they want to add or change anything, leave music out of it. ^^

  • I knew it was coming…the “I Like” music application in Facebook was just lacking.

    @ Lauren – I don’t think music is the culprit for guys using myspace as a dating site. I completely understand your point, but I don’t think music would make Facebook like myspace.

  • I was never a big fan of the iLike app. Lets see how this new development turns out. I am actually on the verge of quitting Facebook altogether. And there are countless others like me who are simply bored. Maybe this will revive interest.

  • Nicole, just curious…why are you bored of Facebook? For a networking tool for young professionals, I don’t think there is anything better on the net. I can’t stand the spam on myspace.

  • iLike is terrible. Has anyone ever noticed that the sound quality of most of the songs featured in that app is worse than an 8-track? It’s painful.

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  • This is going to work – anywhere you have youth en masse you’ll have a place to promote music. It will only make Facebook cooler than it is!

  • Nice information..

    Hope to see it launch