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Radically Transparent is selling well and we’re just starting to see the first book reviews come in. It’s very nerve-wracking to see 9 months of writing and editing get reviewed for the first time. Fortunately, every review thus far has been fantastic!

Here’s a sample:

David Churbuck, Lenovo:

This is a very good book because it’s grounded in a ton of hard leg work and case study research — not hand waving theory with the usual Hallmark platitudes about authentic conversation stuff. Andy and his co-author Judy Strauss are not pushing a theoretical agenda — this isn’t one of those detestable business books that repeat the summary on the back cover blurb a hundred times.

Mike Yanke, Top Rank Blog:

Beal & Strauss’ book is a vitally important study, both for those looking to refine, as well as those just learning about, how to best manage an online reputation.

There are also two five star Amazon reviews posted already!

I know that there was a lot of anticipation for Radically Transparent, and so I’m thrilled it’s living up to expectations. If you’ve written a review of the book–on your blog or Amazon–please let me know.

  • PS3

    I can’t begin to imagine how it must feel when start to read the first reviews. Maybe a bit like open exam results!

    Some good comments though, nice work guys.

  • Futon-Matt

    Great job, congrats on the feedback.

  • Nicole

    Congratulations. I am sure there are a lot more adulations to come.

  • Jaan Kanellis

    Well listening to the Paul Dunay, MarketingProfs podcast I can see why. Some great concepts on one of my fav topics, reputation management. Send a free copy my way Andy and I will give you honest review too :)

  • Brett Borders