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It appears Google Maps has ripped a whole in the space time continuum and has caused two passenger ferries to crash at Sydney’s Circular Quay.

Well, not exactly. While the image below may look two ferries crashed–and a third sunk–it turns out that it’s no more than an "image stitching error."

Now, here’s a question for you. What if Google Maps does it again, but this time stitches an image of you and a topless bar? Could you sue them for defamation of character?

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  • /pd

    “Could you sue them for defamation of character?”

    do I’ll sale da screen scrap on ebay ..just like jimbo’s t-shirt :)-

  • Aren’t they already in court dealing with something to do with their Street scenes?

    I’m sure if it did happen (very unlikely) that some lawyer could make it stick and get some money from them but I’m just not sure?

  • Has anyone seen the new “Street View” tool within google maps? They have digitized street views (curb views) of select cities and streets. I believe they will certainly be in court over it – I think it just might happen to cross the invasion of privacy line.

  • Forget the problem of showing up in an image of a topless bar. What if Google Maps stitches your head on the body of a topless dancer? Not a pretty image in my case.

  • The street view is tricky, but it is a public street right? How many thousands of people end up in photos they don’t want to be in? The guy 4 rows behind the guy who caught the fowl ball? I’m sure he didn’t want the AP photographer to take that photo, which ended up in the news paper that his boss may see, and get irritated about, because his employee played hooky to go to the ball park. Nothing he can do though right? It’s an image captured in a public place. Mabye I’m way off, but it seems very open to interpretation.

  • Google will have some problems, if something compromise will be shown at google maps photos.

  • I’ve always thought Google Maps was a little creepy. This image reminds me of some kind of scary movie where Google has shown the image and at some point in the future, the scene in the image will be realized.

  • I guess they would settle out of court to avoid all the trouble over such a trivial issue. Could turn out to be a windfall gain for me.

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