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February was a strong month for Google – the number of searches to the site was up one percent to equal 66.44% (to be exact) of searches in the U.S. I believe this is a new high, because according to HitWise, Google reached their highest share of searches in December 2007 – at 65.98%.

Again Google takes the majority and the other search engines don’t come close. Yahoo! Search had almost 21% of searches, MSN Search got almost 7% (so if you could perfectly combine the two top competitors as Microsoft hopes, you’d be closer to 30%). had 4.16% of searches. As far as the long tail, it was really long – every other search engine (46 total) together accounted for just 1.87 percent of U.S. searches last month.

HitWise also looks at categories and compared February 2008 to February 2007. During the year searches to travel, entertainment, business and finance and sports categories had double digit increases in the percentage of traffic coming directly from search engines. Sports was the highest with 22% of searches coming from search engines.

The figures are based on a sample size of 10 million Internet users.

  • That comes as no surprise. I wonder if this news will help out their stocks any. MSN and Yahoo, assuming they merge, has a lot of work to do.

  • Eduardo

    Who was it that made the comment about Yahoo+MSN search vs. Google?
    Saying that it was like the 2nd and 3rd finishers in a race tying their legs together and asking for a rematch:P


  • PS3

    Imagine having to sample 10 million internet users to work that out.

    Why is Google better? Or is it better? What makes us (me included) automatically load it as our search engine of choice?

    If I am honest, it is just habit I guess.

  • While Yahoo, MSN and Ask were too busy trying to take each other over. But Google does need some competition soon.

  • Eduardo

    @ PS3

    Thats the thing, Google as of right now IS better. The reason it is the search engine of choice is because their search algorithms, massive databases and who knows what else make using Google not only a better solution, but a faster and easier one too.

    To put it simply, you get better search results using Googles search.

  • Google getting stronger in search and services, I hope they win mobile race too.

  • Google will continue to have a lock on searches because of the quality of their searches and brand recognition, but I do see major opportunity for another player (yahoo, msn, etc.) to take advantage of mobile. Mobile represents a huge chunk of future searches.

  • Wow, google is huge. That’s very impressive.

  • Not really a surprise any more to see the Google share of search.

  • This is why I am going gung-hoe in using Googles Newer Webmaster Tools to get my site ranked higher than my competition!