Linky Goodness, March 3

Only 30 more shopping days until the big day—get your shopping done early this year!

Andy, should we post Amazon Wish Lists for our your adoring fans? ;)

  • Steve Rosenbaum

    That PPC data is very surprising. I thought for sure that we’d see some increases.

  • Mike Montague

    I don’t really agree that newscorp is a better suiter for Yahoo. Sad to say, but Microsoft could put them to better use.

  • Steven Bradley

    Quadzilla did a nice post on the conclusions about paid search being off. I think it also shows how Wall St. doesn’t quite get search. They look for the quick report, but failed to see what other factors were in play.

  • Pam

    I will be interested to see what the final outcome is for Yahoo, because I feel Microsoft needs some real competitors.