Posted March 4, 2008 7:36 pm by with 5 comments

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Jordan often does a great job covering for me, when I’m unable to post a Pilgrim’s Picks. Today, I noticed no Linky Goodness and started to shake!

So, I’m getting to post my first–and probably last, when Jordan sees this–Linky Goodness. w00t!

There, that’s better! I feel all Linky now. 😉

  • Jordan McCollum

    Hmph! Well! I never!

    Oh, wait, yes I have.

    Careful, Andy, linky goodness is highly addictive!

  • Hmm…a search within a search. Its a novel idea, but I don’t know how much of help it actually will be for a user like me. For example, any websites that I want to conduct a local search on, they typically have landmark URLs and recognizeable brands (Ex. Wikipedia, USA Today, CNN, etc.). I would never search for those sites within google – I would just key in their URL into my address box directly. I’m trying to think if there are any exceptions to that rule…

  • “site search” it’s like radio buttons in other engines.

  • I’m disappointed with Sheryl Sandberg.

  • Thanks for sharing, Andy. Useful links, as usually!