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By David Snyder

LiveDeal Inc., a publicly traded company out of Arizona, announced a long-term sponsored search agreement with Yahoo Inc. today.

The sponsored search results will be delivered to, and will be displayed on LiveDeal’s classifieds and yellow pages.

“Yahoo’s considerable base of high quality local advertisers complements’s combined classified and yellow-page marketplace platform. The result is even more relevant content that helps visitors to find the businesses and services they are looking for,” said LiveDeal CEO Daniel Coury.

LiveDeal Inc. also own,, and It is not clear whether the sponsored results will be used on all of these sites, but it is a safe bet.

LiveDeal Inc. was acquired by YP Corp. in June of 2007, and quickly turned its sights on becoming a leader in the growing local search market.

This deal gives Yahoo sponsored results a great asset to offer small business owners concerned about local search. LiveDeal Inc. delivers an estimated 1.69 million monthly unique visitors for their end of the arrangement.

The agreement is a continuation of the two companies’ current status as sponsored search partners. What is interesting about this new deal is that it is show of confidence from LiveDeal Inc. about Yahoo’s future, whether as an independent company or merged entity.

About David Snyder

David Snyder is the online marketing manager for THAT Agency.

  • I’ve never heard of LiveDeal but I’ll check them out right now. Good news for an Arizona company. Looks like Yahoo is moving forward and is doing a good job of keeping themselves mentioned in the media and within the Internet community.

  • This repeated buzz for Yahoo is pretty interesting. They continue to retain and add value to their portfolio, perhaps in an effort to drive the Microsoft buyout bid up.

  • Yahoo PR personnel must be working overtime. They have been in the news since a long time. This time for something good, thankfully.

  • I wonder what the value of this sponsored search agreement is? Yahoo keeps building up its assets for the Microsoft bid.

  • Yep, yahoo is pretty interesting.

  • Live deals a nice site…..The UK vistion of classifieds is that pretty cool too!

  • Looks good, visit for the future of classified ads in the UK.

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  • I don't think Livedeal is as popular as many of its competitors but very well done in getting acquired so early on!