Matt Cutts Predicts the Future

If you’ve been following Matt Cutts’ blog over the last few days you may have seen his March 3rd post “My 2008 Predictions“. In this post Matt claims…

2008 will be the year that hacking and search engine optimization (SEO) collide in a major way. By the end of the year, a nontrivial fraction of blackhat SEO will involve illegally hacking sites for links or landing pages. One webhost will get a significant black eye as hundreds or thousands of customers’ websites are hacked. The growth of illegal-blackhat SEO will leave traditional blackhats with a difficult choice: risk doing something illegal or sit out.

Ironically, on the very same day the Earth Liberation Front’s (ELF) website was hacked by Viagra spammers.

The hackers changed the title tag to “Viagra Sample Pack – Free Viagra Sample,” and changed all the navigation links to point to Viagra advertising. I gleaned all of this information from an article by TheDailyGreen about the incident.

The links seem to have been fixed on the ELF website, but the title tag has yet to be corrected.

Considering this all went down on the same day Matt wrote his prediction, I must assume that Matt either lifted his prediction from this event or he’s much more powerful than we ever imagined.