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Do you wish you were heading to SXSW 2008?

Would you like to keep track of all SXSW news, blog posts, photos, videos, and Twitter updates?

Now you can, thanks to!

Sure, Trackur is designed to help individuals and businesses keep track of their online reputation, but it’s also perfect for keeping a close eye on industry trends, vertical news, or kick-ass conferences in Austin!

The RSS feed is free to all and will ensure you don’t miss the hottest news out of SXSW!

Subscribe to the Trackur RSS feed for SXSW.

Want to customize this SXSW feed? Want to track another conference or industry? Sign-up for a free 14-day trial.

  • Andy thanks for the info about Trackur – I just visited the site and it looks pretty clean and their service seems valuable. I think I’m going to give it a two week trial.

  • And Google Alerts. 🙂

  • It’s better to use technorati search.

  • I want to try free trial version. Just subscribed to Rss feed.

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  • Cool, thanks for the link.

  • Ditto Jayson, I think I’m going to give the 2-week trial a shot too.

  • PS3

    If it’s free, it would be rude not to. Thanks for the heads up !

  • @Utah SEO & @Mobile Guy – Trackur includes the same content as Google Alerts and Technorati…and much more! 🙂

  • Mobile Guy – what makes Technorati search better? I’ve been using Google alerts and do hope that Trakur offers more if it plans on getting a new client.

  • I agree, I think this product may be a little more promising than Technorati search.

  • Best of luck to them. Hopefully it does take off. If they do, then il use them.

  • Awesome. I really wish I could make it there this year, but family conflicts are keeping me away. Considering that everyone else I know will be there, this might help keep me in the loop on the fun they’re all having. Then again, it might just be like acting as a designated driver and watching everyone else have fun getting wasted.

  • One of these days I’m gonna make the trek to Austin!

  • Andy since Trackur pulls from multiple sources are you worried about duplicate articles that people have to sift through or do you some how filter?

  • @Jaan – the is the possibility that there will be duplicates. Future versions will include filtering. In the meantime, you can sort alphabetically, which will help identify them.

  • Great service Andy!

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