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wheel of media misfortuneYep, it’s that time again. The sky is falling. Today, we’ll figure out who it’s supposed to be falling on by spinning the wheel of companies that the media feels great, true ambivalence towards and come up with . . . Facebook—no, at the last second, it’s Google. Okay, so let’s dump on Google today.

comScore’s data says that Google’s click growth on paid listings has slowed again:

  • January’s clicks were off from December’s by 7.5% (January clicks = 532 M)
  • February’s clicks were off January’s by 3% (February clicks = 515 M)
  • February’s clicks were up over last February’s clicks by 3%

Can you hear the sarcasm when I say, “Well, geez, if that’s not a sure sign of a recession, I don’t know what is!”?

comScore’s Andrew Lipsman confirmed these numbers to Search Engine Watch. He also commented that “It’s fair to say that all things being equal, February will see sequential declines vs. January because it has fewer days.” Odd that that’s not the headline most people are running with.

Actually, if we assume that all other things are equal, on average, January 2008 saw 17.16 million clicks per day. February 2008 saw 17.76 million clicks per day. If February’s data were normalized, it would mean that February had more clicks than January. But a 3.5% growth rate gets you so many fewer headlines and links, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, comScore’s search engine data indicates that Google’s market share increased from January to February by 0.7 percentage points. Yahoo’s dropped by 0.6 percentage points; Microsoft’s dropped by 0.2. (AOL held steady; Ask increased 0.1 percentage points.)

Of course, the real bad news for Google is that this story is still going to further hurt their already faltering stock price, down 36% YTD. At the beginning of trading this year, they were going for just under $700/share; right now they’re hovering below $445/share—still a recovery from the March 10 closing low of $413.

  • Ha! Love the headline.

  • It’s like the old saying goes: “Those who can’t form coherent thoughts, report.”

  • Well, good news never sells. Poor Google 🙁

  • Andrew Lipsman is right. All industries are effected by the short month of February. I don’t see any scary news as of yet for google shareholders to really start worrying. But, its definitely worth keeping an eye on.

  • Nothing happens in a perfect bubble anyhow. This month you have to take into account changes in internet usage as a result of daylight savings time and spring break. Every month has variations in the amount of weekend days as well, the list goes on.

  • It’s funny sometimes how we can all jump to conclusions without really thinking about the data.

    Great title by the way.

  • hey…nice article…i like the headline….well we have to thonk first before we can make some conclusion….