Reviews and Ratings for SEM Companies

The publishers of Search Marketing Standard have taken on a new project, SEM Compare. SEM Compare proposes to provide visitors with an effective way of contributing and looking at user reviews and rating of SEM Companies.

With the site launch planned for March 17th it appears that the project is ratcheting up its attempt to collect review data from anyone willing to take the time to fill out their questionnaire. If you would like to visit the site and share an opinion the site can be found at

For years Marketing Sherpa has been the most well know reviewer in the SEM / SEO space. Right now Marketing Sherpa offers the information that they collect as a download for sale at their online store. A site like this might offer a different set of insights to complement that report.

Linky Goodness, March 5

Well, I don’t want anyone to get the shakes today (especially not Andy!), so I’d better get some Linky Goodness going.

I heard your collective sigh of relief. (It was relief, right?)

Facebook Working on MySpace Music Clone?

music on facebook logoRumors have been circulating about Facebook working on a music platform similar to MySpace’s for months. Today they’re being revived with news that Facebook’s “music division” has been in talks with record labels.

Apparently launched last month, the Music on Facebook page is suddenly drawing a lot more attention. The page appears to be a “meta page” for all Facebook Pages devoted to bands and music. In the sidebar BTF, they list their featured launch partners: more than 80 musicians and bands ranging from Wyclef to Keith Urban to Coldplay (all of which have their own Facebook Pages, of course).

But for Facebook to launch a real social media/music “revolution,” a lot more will have to happen. Predictions from CNET and paidContent include:

20% Off Marketing Pilgrim Advertising Rates – This Week Only!

I’m going to sound like one of those annoying car salesman you see on your local TV station, but I’ve decided to offer a 20% discount off our normal advertising rates for anyone that buys by the end of this week (Sunday).

We have a few slots available and I’d rather get them sold and not have to spend my time on them–busy, busy with promoting the new book.

What’s available?

Slots – 1, 4, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

So, "stop what you’re doing folks, don’t miss out on our biggest sale of the year!" ;-)

Oprah’s First Webcast Crashes, She Apologizes

“One of the largest online single events in the history of the Internet,” turned into a news story about how it didn’t happen. Almost anything Oprah Winfrey touches is a success, except online. At least on her first try. Oprah’s first and much-hyped web debut crashed a few minutes after it started.

Her apology is in the news today, and made me wonder if it’s the first time Oprah has been mentioned in Information Week (and Marketing Pilgrim for that matter). A quick search confirms that there are two firsts.

More than 700,000 people registered for Winfrey’s 10-week Web 90 minute seminar with author Eckhart Tolle and his bestselling “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.” The book was the latest pick of Oprah’s Book Club. And once they iron out the technical issues imagine what webcasts with the book authors will do for the already strong sales of Oprah’s Book Club picks.

Sneak Peak: Google Analytics Adding Google Audio Ads Data

While the big news of the day is the addition of industry benchmarking to Google Analytics, there’s another new feature coming tomorrow.

We’re giving you a sneak peak at Google Analytics new tracking for Google Audio Ads–launching tomorrow. With the addition of Google Audio Ads metrics, you can track impressions, spots, markets and even compare CPMs with your normal traffic.

The screenshot below shows audio impressions across three different campaigns, as well as ad plays, cost and CPM.

I’m not a Google Audio Ads user. If you are, leave a comment about whether you’ll find this information useful or not.

Breaking: Google Analytics Adds Industry Benchmarking and Trends

“We haven’t used data and we will not use your data unless you opt-in,” says Google Analytics’ Brett Crosby.

So, why would I start this post with that statement? Because, when you see what Google Analytics is launching today, that question will be the first that comes to mind. It certainly did for me, when I chatted with Brett yesterday.

In response to the multitude of requests, Google Analytics is today adding “industry benchmarking” as a beta feature to its web analytics tool. What does it do? Industry benchmarking will allow you to see how your individual web site traffic compares to aggregated data from other sites in your industry/vertical. For example, my wife often sees seasonal surges at her Hawaii-related blog, so she’ll now be able to tell if the travel industry as a whole is seeing the same highs and lows.