Pilgrim’s Picks for March 10

OK, if you can tear yourself away from reading about that fiasco SXSW interview with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, here’s the rest of this morning’s news.

  • http://www.govisithawaii.com Sheila

    Congrats to Mike Grehan!

  • http://www.acronym.com Mike Grehan

    Andy — keywords have always been important… In anchor text :-)

  • http://www.marketingpilgrim.com Andy Beal

    Touche Mike, touche! Anyway, really happy for you. Best of luck!

  • http://chasinggoogle.blogspot.com/ Mobile guy

    Fubar has its startup growth.

  • http://www.idoseo.com David Saunders

    Off Topic – Andy did you read yesterdays WSJ about online reputation attacks and how to stop them??

    Corporate Reputation
    section R6


  • http://www.marketingpilgrim.com Andy Beal

    @David – know I missed it, I’ll see if I can dig it up. Thanks

  • http://tkargo.com/ karina