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My friend Gareth Davies over at GSINC is a creative kind of guy. He’s behind the many videos, games, and contests you see that relate to search engine marketing.

He’s truly out-done himself this time with his “What food and drink do SEOs love?

Here are three of my favorites. You can see the other three at Gareth’s site.

‘Link Juice’ Energy Drink

‘Esseos’ whole grain breakfast cereal

‘Optimizer’ Beer

  • PS3

    Pro Plus and Redbull (or the local supermarket’s cheap equivalent) are another classic combination!

  • Those pictures are ironic because they are funny but also the key parts to SEO and improving a site.

  • I’ll take a bowl of Optimizer with some Esseo’s mixed in.

  • Hey they look nice, I want to drink and eat them 😉

  • Thats just classic! I’d by bottles of link juice by the case if they sold them at Walmart… or Sam’s Club 😉

  • @SEO Canada – just don’t let Matt Cutts catch you “buying” the bottles. 😉

  • LOL I wouldn’t dear. I can only imagine Matt Cutts sitting in some sort of office that looks like the deck of the enterprise with link stats all over the walls 🙂 I’ll just play it safe and go the white hat organic route, and maybe the odd sip of some gray… tea…

  • PS3

    LOL @ SEO Canada

    Maybe we should just force feed Matt some Spam fritters!

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  • This is what i have for breakfast every day. What a copycat! 🙂

  • @PS3

    Last time we kidnapped him to try and torture out the secret of the Google Algorithm he nearly ate us out of our business! So we had to let him go none the wiser after 3 months 😉 I bet he could eat more spam fritters then you can imagine…

  • I thought SEOs are just like other people.

  • Very cute. I think I could get by on just the Link Juice and PR Bar, though.

  • maybe i should down a 6-pack of “Optimizer” beer to get my website off the ground