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Thanks to all of you who subscribed to Marketing Pilgrim and entered our contest to win a free iPod Touch.

[This is where some of you groan, because you missed the post with the secret message]

We had over 70 entries and, after asking my wife to pick a number between 1 and 70, we have a winner!

Congratulations Michael Jensen of

Michael’s among the many readers that also happens to be a past client–so I’m happy to ship him the sleek iPod Touch.

Sad that you didn’t win? Check back next Monday. I’m cooking up a new contest that will be even bigger than this one!

  • Jaxim

    Congrats, Mike.
    So did he meet the guidelines to get a 32GB Touch? I hope he did!

  • Andy Beal

    @Jaxim – no, he gets the 8GB version.

  • Alex Isaacs

    Congrats Michael! That iPod touch is a pretty sweet toy. I’ll definitely be watching for the next contest Andy!

  • Michael Jensen

    Wow! Thanks Andy! I’m very excited to get my new toy!

    Great job speaking at SMX West, Andy, your talk was fantastic! I’m excited for your book to arrive!

  • Casey

    I use Feedburner to read your blog articles and I never see your entries to your contests like this one? How do I miss them each time? :)

  • Andy Beal

    @Casey – if you use an RSS reader or Email you would have seen the message at the bottom of the “Linky Goodness, Feb 28″ post. :-)

  • teeni

    Congrats to Michael! Looking forward to the next contest!

  • Jayson


    Congratulations –

    @Andy – I thought we had a deal!!! :)

  • Casey

    @ Andy Wow! Boy do I feel stupid! I just looked back and I realized I thought it was your regular blog ad and skimmed over it.

  • Andy Beal

    @Casey – part of the reason of putting the message there is to get readers looking at the ads. 😉

  • Relainer

    awww. congrats though. treat it well

  • hecto

    congrats to michael

  • BunnyMoney

    Congrats Michael! Lucky you! :)

    @ Casey – I feel you, cos I missed it too!! :( Hopefully a better chance for us, next time eh? :)

  • Steve Rosenbaum

    Michael, can I borrow your touch for my roadtrip to chicago this weekend? lol. Congrats on the prize.

  • Judd Exley

    I’m all about MP contests and I missed this one, argh.

    Keeping a more watchful eye out, free stuff rocks.

  • TrishaLyn

    I swear it never fails, whenever I don’t read my feed for a day or so Andy gives something away.

    WEEKDAYS, bro… give stuff away on WEEKDAYS :p

  • Azam

    Was my name in the 1-70 people? :(

    Congrats Michael.

  • Steven Bradley

    Congrats Michael.

    Andy I was sure I was going to win this time. Oh well.

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  • Nicole

    I’m groaning. I did miss the post with the secret message!

  • Piper

    Congratulations! I missed the contest completely this week, but Monday sounds very promising. What could be better than an iPod Touch?

  • yingz

    i did everything but oh well. congrats michael!! looking forward to monday!

  • http://Mp3world.inf pola

    ipods drives me mad…please that is enough

  • http://Mp3world.inf pola

    oh …I like Mr.Makintosh i’ll pay for him

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