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Want to know what top brands are successfully using online video? divinity Metrics (with a lower case d) has started publishing their findings on their tool called Scope. It’s called the Brand20 Index.

How they arrived at Top 20 Brands using Online Video:

  • indexed all the videos related to their client’s campaign
  • monitored millions of videos across multiple platforms in realtime
  • looked at traffic, demographics, and positioning information

dM helps advertisers put their videos on YouTube, MySpace and other sites and they provide online video analytics. Their customers include advertising agencies, television networks, and music labels. They can see where their video is being viewed and track how they’re being passed along.

divinity Metrics chose the brands by polling their analysts. These are the brands that will make up the twenty: BMW, Disney, Audi, Nike, Pepsi, Toyota, Mercedes, Sony, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, EBay, McDonald’s, Budweiser, Hyndai, Motorola, Taco Bell, Chrysler, Dell, Fedex, and American Express.

The brands on the top 5 include BMW, Disney, Audi, Nike and Pepsi. They have links to the brand’s top videos – all are on YouTube. If you want to see stats on another brand, request it by leaving a comment on their blog.

From their blog: “People spend 10x the amount of time watching videos and listening to music than they do watching TV and listening to the radio. While TV ad spending is going down, as audience leaves for the internet, online video ad spending has grown far slower.”

Speaking of online video, I noticed that high quality video provider Move Networks just signed on to integrate their Move media player with Microsoft’s Silverlight. They live stream popular shows like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and “Lost.”Congrats.

I was going to suggest that Oprah look into switching to Move Networks but a quick call to the company confirmed that that’s who Oprah used. Oops.

  • I had a seminar the other day about the future of online video marketing and how more and more companies invest into viral campaigns. I guess some of the larger companies are already on it.