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WoopraIf you’re a blogger you should hopefully already use Google Analytics (or your favorite alternative) to keep track of referral and keyword data to your blog.

Hold on to your hat, Woopra’s going to make you drool!

Woopra is in closed beta, but it’s shaping up to be a web analytics client on steroids with live tracking and real time analysis of visitors. You’ll be impressed with Woopra’s main features:

  • Live Tracking (see who’s on your blog right now)
  • Rich Interface
  • Visitor Tagging
  • Instant Messaging (yes, live chat with your readers)
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Custom Notifications
  • Developer Tools

But, it’s the very cool interface that we think is going to make Google Analytics sit-up and take notice. How’s this for a “wow-factor?”

As we mentioned, Woopra is currently in a closed beta–while it ramps up its server capacity–but in the meantime, you can get a glimpse of all Woopra’s cool features by viewing this video interview with GeekBrief.TV.

GBTV #337 | Introducing Woopra from Neal Campbell on Vimeo.

  • While the interface is a little cleaner, Overall its very much like, which I like b/c its extendable to do what you want with it.

  • Andy, why must you taunt me with cool tools that are still in closed beta?

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  • Wow,

    This one looks really nice. I’m not using GA but can’t wait to check this one.

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  • Yeah that looks like a bad ace interface and the features look incredible. If it’s free, I think it’ll get a lot of attention but if it costs money it may not attract webmasters with several websites or site owners that don’t really take advantage of Analytics.

    I’ll give it a shot for sure.

  • Andy,

    Thanks.. for the info. I am gonna try this. I’ve signed up now and waiting for the confirmation. Its saying it may take upto 7 business days

  • Thanks for the heads-up on this one, Andy! 🙂

    While I salute the arrival of each and every newcomer on the web analytics scene, I have doubts about Woopra’s scalability – should it meet with the same level of success Google Analytics did.

    The “Google” in GA means it benefits from the unfathomable IT resource pool in Mountain View.

    Woopra’s business model is not clear yet (obviously).

    If they offer a free solution à la GA, how are they going to afford rapidly mounting IT costs?

    If they go with a subscription-based model, what is their real USP compared to similar existing tools?

    Cheers from sunny France,

    Analytics Country Manager – France
    OX2/LBi Group

  • Woopra looks good. Good enough to get me to sign up for the waiting list.

  • Woopra is nice, but definitely far away from the features of Google Analytics.
    But I really like the live-chat-feature and the wordpress integration. Maybe it becomes a serious alternative for bloggers.

    Greetings from Hamburg / Germany

  • I know a lot of similar services but only Analytics helps me to rise Adsense revenue.

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  • There are thousands of similar application out now, but Woopra looks good. Good enough to get me to sign up already. I hope I maximise its potentials.