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Well, what do you know? Yahoo has indicated that it will soon add video hosting to its popular Flickr photo hosting service.

According to CNET

Flickr Video will not replace Yahoo Video, unlike Yahoo Photos, which was folded into Flickr. The audience for Flickr is different, Kakul Srivastava, director of product management at Flickr, told me. She used the term “authenticity” to convey the esprit de corps of the Flickr photo community, which numbers more than 23 million contributors.

Hmm, so how can Flickr include videos without appearing to compete with YouTube? How can they show their die hard users that Flickr is still the place to upload their photos? After all, there’s the danger that the addition of video hosting could dilute its market position.

Right now, when you think of image hosting, you think of Flickr. When you think of video hosting, you think of YouTube. If Flickr adds videos, it runs the risk of being thought of neither the place for images or video.

What do you think?

  • Video services could cost a lot of money. It’s not great time for Yahoo to spend more.

  • I am guessing that the back-end of Flickr video is going to be Yahoo! Video, sort of how 2.0 is going to be “powered” by the new Yahoo! Bookmarks.

  • Is this going to be free? It had better be to compete with YouTube. Fickr does charge beyond a certain number of pics right?

  • Yea, but, I’ve often thought how convenient it would be if I could post both photos and video to the same place.

  • I think this is a great move for Yahoo. The Flickr community revolves around photography as art, sharing authentic communications about both form and content. If they can do the same for video, it will be a unique community and easily differentiated from YouTube and others.

    Many photographers progress into video, so it seems a natural fit. The name Flickr always reminded me more of movies than photos, anyway. 😉

  • @Paul Chaney – I can post videos and images to

  • @Andy:

    Flickr has been talking about this forever, so I’m suspect until I see it. Also, I’m still curious about the Yahoo Video v. Flickr Video comparison. Can Yahoo afford to have two duplicate properties?

  • If videos are as easy to upload to Flickr as images are through add-ons like Zonetag, I will use the service more than I use YouTube. And I wouldn’t mind paying for privileges like I do with two Flickr Pro accounts currently.