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Rather than compete against Google on search, Yahoo is looking to find their niche by innovation on cell phone services. They announced a new bookmarking site for cell phones called OnePlace that will be released in a few months.

The service goes beyond bookmarking by suggesting content related to the information you bookmark. The site is akin to but formatted to make it easier to navigate on small screens. Here’s the twist – the bookmarks are based on where you are located and your friends’ preferences.

You’ll also be able to bookmark sites from your PC and sync them on your phone. For example, you can import what you’ve marked on other sites to automatically add it to OnePlace.

Yahoo already has complementary mobile phone services — OneSearch and OneConnect (which aggregates information from social networks). With the three you’ll be able to quickly access information you want – like news updates, stock quotes, or updates to your friend’s Facebook page.

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  • This is fresh idea, but I already has bookmarks in my Opera Mini.

  • Trouble with mobile phones is that they tend to be quite slow and you try and do the minimum browsing. Why do social bookmarking when you can save them on your phone?

  • Browsing might not be great on most mobile phones now, but that should change quickly over the next couple of years. Mobile is the next frontier and those that gain an advantage now are the ones who’ll be in the best position once we are all surfing on our phones.

  • I use my Nokia browser bookmarks. I will try this service.