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BusinessWeek has scored an interview with Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. The questions focus mostly on the company’s recent recruitment coup: hiring Sheryl Sandberg away from Google.

How did Zuckerberg do it?

I met her at a friend’s Christmas party before the beginning of 2008…Then we started talking a lot at Davos at the end of January. We had a lot of time to talk there. There are a lot of people who are talented at scaling operations and building companies. But her experience at Google gives her just about the most-relevant industry experience that anyone could have. Even though our product is very different [than Google’s], there are components that are similar. One is scaling sales operations.

What will Sandberg do at Facebook?

The technical components of the company will still report to me. But all the business operations will report to Sheryl—direct and online sales, marketing, communications, policy, human resources, and user and consumer operations….

The next hires for Zuckerberg?

We’re also recruiting right now for a general counsel and a head of communications and public policy. The communications person will report to Sheryl, and the general counsel will report to the CFO. The public policy job will involve communicating what we stand for and how the company is going to act. Right now we could be doing a better job [of that].

  • Interesting. I suppose it’s a good sign for FB when they are hiring people like Sheryl Sandberg. It will be interesting to see how Facebook ultimately grows or if they simply plateau.

  • How come I’ve never met any impressionable CEOs at holdiday parties? Forget, I think I’ll try to scam my way into some tech holiday parties this year. Maybe I can serve hors dourves at Steve Jobs’ gig.

  • When he is done i will offer him a job blogging 🙂

  • Seems like Facebook has something up their sleeve if they’ve got the ability to convince a high up Googler that there is a promising future for her at Facebook.

    Interested in seeing how ’08 goes for them.