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Want to reach some of the most savvy, deep-pocketed, internet marketers around? Over 9,000 of them each day?

We have a number of advertising slots available and we think your company would be a perfect fit! In addition to the ads listed on our advertising page, I’m also making available the highly-clickable "peel away" ad you see in the top right corner of your screen and RSS-only ads (contact me if interested).

I’m also toying with the idea of selling the entire ad inventory to a SINGLE company–effectively giving you exclusive sponsorship of Marketing Pilgrim. Any takers?

Contact me for further details and availability on any of our ad slots.

  • Do You have any discounts for bulk advertisers?

  • @seomotion – sure, email me.

  • Thats great. I thin i should join 🙂

  • Hey Andy,

    Wanna buy

  • What’s the price for Slots 2-7 and what’s average CTR there?

  • @Web Browser – please email with any questions.

  • PS3

    The advertising is out of my budget (as much as I would love to give it a try) but 9,000 readers a day is worth a huge pat on the back, nice work.

  • Interesting offer…

  • I personally never tend to look away from your posts towards the adverts in the sidebar. So I’m wary of spending that kind of money. Most regular readers are ad-blind anyway. Still I guess 9000 readers would give you a decent number of clickthroughs.

  • congrats on over 9k dailys!!! i love this blog!

  • Well, maybe I can advertise…

  • Excellent, 9K a day, that is GREAT!! This is truly a great site!