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Nope, it’s not something which helps you stay in shape: I am, of course, referring to the Google-Yahoo!-Microsoft triangle which dominates everything which has to do with news and it definitely seems that things are not about to change.

I liked the way Andy has analyzed the similarities between the GYM triangle and soap operas. After all, soap operas are all about illustrating how people can go from hating each other to becoming close friends, from enemies to lovers, right? Let’s analyze a few important events and see if the same principle applies as far as the GYM triangle is concerned.

First of all, Microsoft’s initial bid was seen by many as the beginning of a partnership which could have even threatened Google’s position as the biggest player. But let’s just say that the folks over at Yahoo! were not exactly thrilled about their offer, so that Microsoft’s attitude has changed accordingly, with a hostile takeover being something which wouldn’t come as that much of a surprise given the way things have developed.

And, to make the triangle complete, guess what company the folks over at Yahoo! see as a potential life-saver? Yes, Yahoo! will indeed be trying AdSense for Search on for size and, who knows, letting Google handle everything which has to do with search advertising could represent a solution. Of course, this is only a scenario but, personally, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see a development in this direction.

As you can see, things are definitely extremely complicated and you can rest assured that we will be in for more than a few surprises down the road. When referring to the GYM equation, everything is a variable. You never know what unexpected deals will end up proving each and every theory wrong and the word “certain” should be eliminated from our vocabulary.

In the end, no matter what people may have to say regarding the GYM triangle, we have to admit that we wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, no matter how often you criticize Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft, you have to ask yourself: would you prefer to be bored to death? I’m sure you will agree that a little excitement every now and then never hurts and, if there’s one thing which can be said about these three companies, it’s that they definitely provide just that.

Best wishes,

Alan Johnson

  • yahoo trying adsense for search is a good idea but we dont know how long it can keep microsoft from taking over.

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  • is there any good pay per click besides adsense ?
    i want to try some new method …

  • guruassassin, there are numerous other PPC networks other than Adsense that are great. The hype over Adsense seems to be that it is associated with Google and are far more advanced. I use Adsense but don’t get the income that many bloggers and web people boast about. ~Steve

  • This should be put to bed quite soon. Microsoft ain’t backing off, and are threatening with a hostile takeover bid at a reduced offering. Shareholders are up in arms, afraid they’ll lose out on their investment, and the pressure is on Yahoo’s management to keep their shareholders happy. We will have an outcome for this saga quite soon, I’m sure.