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Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on Google+Share on FacebookBuffer this page has a new service – you can compare prices and buy things by text message. It’s called TextBuyIt. You text the name of a product, its description, its UPC or ISBN to the number 262966, which spells “Amazon.”

You can compare prices while you’re in a store and if you like what you see, you enter your email address tied to your Amazon account, and the zip code you want it sent to. You’ll get a call that takes you through the rest of the transaction. Then you’ll get a confirmation text and email. You can also check your order online.

Now your boss won’t even know you’re shopping at work!I tried the service to see how it works. There were many text messages and getting a lot of comparison prices seemed like a chore (so many text messages). It seems best if you already know what you want to buy and you just want to buy it quickly. That should take about 4 texts total.

I wish eBay would launch a price search and bid by text service. How many times do you see something and wonder if you should buy it to sell on eBay?

  • Sounds like a good move for Amazon. I can imagine people shopping in store and then checking the price and having Amazon deliver a few days later.

  • Buying via SMS? Not so sure out that but we suppose some will enjoy it …thus bringing more profit for Amazon. We shall see!

  • As an online retailer I think this is great, as an employer, onr more way for people to waste time when they should be working.

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  • What if you want to buy software on Amazon?

  • I’m glad to see them taking this step, but it’s not something I could imagine myself using. I can never buy just one thing at Amazon, and half the fun is having a full screen of cross promotions right there in front of your face…

  • That is probably a smart move by Amazon, but I have to agree with others that I will never use that service.

  • Great !

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