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Last week they were suing each other, this week they’re signing a big advertising deal. Time Warner owned AOL has signed an exclusive online advertising deal with Verizon.

AOL will manage the account through their advertising subsidiary, Platform-A Advertising. Verizon will use Platform-A’s sales force and for the bulk of their online and mobile phone advertising.

The deal includes managing Verizon’s display and mobile advertising network. The two companies are involved in a recent lawsuit. On Monday, Verizon sued Time Warner Cable (which owns AOL) over false advertising for their FiOS high-speed Internet service.

In the past few months since Microsoft made their intentions to buy Yahoo known, the online advertising industry has been a saga (like a soap opera!).

Yahoo, MSN, and AOL are vying against Google for a bigger portion of the online advertising market. Time Warner is attempting to win Yahoo to combine with AOL rather than have Yahoo combine with Microsoft.

The price of the deal was not disclosed.

  • Soap Opera at the least! –

    That sounds like good news for AOL – I’d imagine that Verizon is a huge account…now they just need to get that lawsuit taken care of. I’m still not sure that a combined AOL/Yahoo has what it takes to compete with the Googler.

  • PS3

    Are AOL still a big player in the internet market over there in the US? Please don’t flame me if that sounds like a silly question, over here in the UK it is a popular but not top ISP.

  • So Stacey still insist to be with Alan rather than Brad…Anyway, same as Jason, I am also not sure if AOL-Yahoo will be a equal competitor to Google…accept they come out with some great ideas.

  • AOL ain’t very popular over here in South Africa either, suppose it does stand for America On Line?
    The bottom line is that Google is overwhelming leaders in search, and scrabbling for crumbs is what the rest of the pack has been reduced to, crumbs being relative, as a couple of percent of billions of search queries a month still amounts to a substantial amount.

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