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By Shannon Lilly.

Article marketingArticle Marketing is a practice that no webmaster, blogger or Internet marketer should go without doing. Even if you’ve never written a single thing in your life, you can benefit from article marketing. Read through this mini “how-to” on article writing and if you still think you can’t do it, I’ll give you some options to get your article written. But I have faith that you can do it if you just take the time!

Building links

Marketing your articles can be one of the best ways to get hundreds of links pointing to your site from all across the Internet world, not just from the article directories that you submitted them to. Article marketing helps with your websites search engine optimization as well so be sure to factor this added value in as you decide how much time to spend on writing articles. Sure it takes time to write articles for this purpose, but you must look at is as an investment for your future. Articles don’t have to be like those dreaded reports we used to hate to turn in at school, when you are the author, you are in control. Your article could be about your own opinion on a subject or just you simply telling the world about one of your own experiences.

The trick to getting the hundreds of links is to write articles that contain information in them that is new and fresh to readers online. All the webmasters in your chosen niche will want to use your good article on their website and will in turn be giving you the link love we all need to make money with our websites and businesses.

It doesn’t have to be difficult

Chances are the products you are trying to sell or the reader base you are trying to grow will relate to what you already know and you will be able to just sit down and start typing an article out. Once you get started writing it you will see the shape of the article coming to life and can easily spruce up any areas of it that you see necessary as you write. Even if you don’t know where you want to put a certain sentence but you know you want it included somewhere, type it out on the page before you forget it and build from it. Think of what else needs to be introduced before and after this sentence and soon you will have a well thought out article to start article marketing with.

Establish yourself as an expert

Make yourself appear as an expert even if it is your very first article written. Just because you know it’s your first article on the subject doesn’t mean everyone will know. Heck at Ezine Articles, they give you an expert author status with your first published piece so readers who found your article by searching Google are naturally going to want to go to your website as soon as they see you have one at the end of your article. Strut your stuff and really hook your audience to make them want to visit your website. You could turn that internet surfer who found your topic on the article directory into a RSS subscriber to your blog feed just because they like you and believe in what you are saying.

Put an edgy or controversial spin on your articles that you use for article marketing to get some controversy going. Using your articles to spark the interest of readers is the best way to get someone to your blog to make a comment, and you can bet they will tell someone about it, which is all free advertising for you and your blog or website.

Target your articles

If you are doing affiliate marketing, take the time to write an article on each of your products offered so that you can gain the links from those pages and to let people know that they can buy the products directly from you. Buy the product if you have to so that you can write a review of it to submit to article directories. Again, these are easily spun up to make a few articles that you can submit to the top article directories. Remember if people like you, they will want to buy the products and services they need from you instead of going elsewhere.

Can’t write? Hire someone!

If you just plain suck at writing articles, don’t despair and certainly don‘t give up on article marketing! There are many ways to gain exposure from articles without you having to write them. Just find someone else to do it! Sounds easy right? Well it is just that easy. If you find yourself at a loss for words or you find that it is just to time consuming for you to do it, hire a ghostwriter who will do all the work for you. All you have to do is proofread it before submitting and come up with your own resource box. You can always take the writer’s work and add to it if you would like to see more information in the article. You can put in anything you would like but at least you have the ghostwriter’s work to start with similar to an outline, except most of it has already been written.

You can find many good freelance writers for just 2 or 3 cents per word who will write a really good article for you to start with. Where can you find them? Just look in the webmaster forums you frequent for content creation services. You don’t have to tell them what you will be doing with the work they will be doing for you, you just need to have them write it and then tweak it for article marketing yourself.

Frequency and syndication tips

How many article sites should you submit to? That depends on how well your content is written. Chances are that if you have great content you will only need to submit it to the most popular directory for that niche and you will be given many free links from the other webmasters and bloggers that like your content. The best approach you can take is to only submit each article you write to one article directory such as or whatever one you prefer.

If you feel the need to submit the article to more than one directory, you can always take your one article and spin it up so that it offers unique content in a different way and with different phrases. It’s not that hard to take one article and quickly turn it into 5 or 6 really good articles all with different outlines and wording. Then you can continue on writing articles on the other areas of your niche and do the same with those.

Article topic ideas

Take a good look at your website to see what pages you want to get more visitors to and write about that. It’s not hard to come up with ideas and topics for articles when you look over your website to see what information you are offering your readers there. Just elaborate on one of your topics or tell some teaser information to get them to click on your resource link for more good quality information on the subject.

Don’t stop

Never stop writing articles for marketing purposes. As you add new pages to your website or blog, write an article about it to submit to the article directory of your choice. This is the best way to stay on track with your article marketing and you should always have good information contained inside your article and on your website as well. You will soon find many of those people who found your article and then clicked through to your site will become regular readers who have bookmarked your site or subscribed to your RSS feed.

About Shannon Lilly

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  • Maria Reyes-McDavis

    Great, comprehensive post. Most miss the importance of staples like article marketing in their online marketing strategies.

    Thanks for sharing :-)
    Maria :-)

    Maria Reyes-McDavis’s last blog post..Squidoo, Twitter, WordPress, Man I Love Technology!

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  • Shannon Lilly

    No Problem, Glad everyone likes the article!

    Shannon Lilly’s last blog post..phpLD 3.3 Template

  • Web Marketing Man

    Hiya Shannon

    Great post! Writing doesn’t come naturally to most of us, and having a plan is imperative to achieving success. Let’s face it, good quality original content (regularly generated and properly marketed) is the only way to grow your online presence. Thanks for your insight.

  • Tiffany

    Good points you have here. You make those perfect by ending it with the last one “Don’t stop”…Persistance and hard effort are the keys to success.

  • Seologia

    Very interesting article. Which article submission sites do you suggest?

    Seologia’s last blog post..Google no es tonto? vos sí

  • Elections guy

    I think it’s too hard to write complete articles, I prefer to write posts.

    Elections guy’s last blog post..South Park: Canada On Strike

  • shannon lilly

    Hello Seologia, the first site I would suggest is if you want to reach a decent sized audience!

    shannon lilly’s last blog post..How to Avoid Being Penalized for Paid Links

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  • Steve Teal

    I do agree that articles create authority as an expert but some of us have ADD and only have the capacity to write 2-3 paragraphs in the form of a post. I would certainly have to hire someone. But yes, in marketing article writing and submitting them to article sites is key to a successful campaign. ~Steve

  • Piper

    Great piece. I honestly thought that article marketing was something that people did 2-4 years ago, but not so much today. I may have to give it another chance.

    Piper’s last blog post..The Butterfly T-Shirt that Gives Me Butterflies

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  • Article Submit

    One benefit that I enjoy in submitting articles to directories, particularly the more popular ones is that when your article is unique enough – title and content, it can have a bigger chance of reaching the top of the SERPs quick giving your site more traffic. This is especially helpful if you have a new website.

  • John Hiemstra

    Nice overview of benefits of article marketing on the internet–I especially like the reminder that all the work and time in writing and finding a relevant sites to post to as an “investment” in future placement/traffic from backlinks, etc.

    Way to go!

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  • Printer Ink Guru

    Really good information here. Have you or anyone reading this page considered creating your own article site? Maybe by using Joomla or another cms? Then the google adsense revenue would be yours? Just a thought. Any comments?

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  • Obama 2.0 Marketing

    There are so many dots that need to be connected for highly successful article marketing.

  • Patrick Schwerdtfeger

    Article marketing can quickly change and improve your online identity. Not only will it position you as an expert in your field but it can result in hundreds of inbound links in a short period of time. Will that competely change your Google PageRank. No, probably not. But it will form a foundation for your online marketing efforts that will impress those who look you up online or stumble across your other online contributions. Click on my name to receive a 52-step marketing strategy that incorporates article marketing along with a variety of social media tools and powerful marketing tactics.

  • Meso

    Article marketing must be really effective. I’ve heard of many people succeed in their internet business using article marketing.

  • Chinese Language

    so good~

  • Zax Stevens

    Article marketing IS very effective. Using the keywords properly is most important for a quick and effective back link to appear in your favor. Great post I must say. Cheers.

  • Sal

    Writing articles can be fun and very lucrative in bringing targeted website visitors, producing. When ideas run dry and this happens – looking through the newspapers for the past few days, helps as more often than not there are ideas that spring to mind. Taking a trip into town to shop browse can also be inspiring for new ideas. Or just a walk in the fresh air can do wonders for creative inspiration.

    Sal’s last blog post..Tricks To Produce A Sitemap