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I get soooo many PR pitches each day, most of which are boring–I hit delete before I get to the end of the first sentence. Then there’s this gem, from Rachel Weikum at Weikum Communications.

Instead of the normal pitch format, her email was more like a blog post. It drew me in, gave me the info, and impressed me with the outcome. I thought about re-writing the pitch, but have decided instead to simply paste it below for you to read.

This is a great case study on using social media:


Hi Andy – Here is a very unique interactive marketing campaign (Ad:Tech award winner) that was done for Wacom’s new pen tablet gadget called Bamboo – Wacom didn’t want to push advertisements down potential customer throats – instead they wanted to show potential users how cool the gadget/pen tablet is to use and build customer loyalty and enthusiasts. Here’s what they did to achieve this goal:

Leveraging the Graffiti Wall application on Facebook, 3 online drawing contests were created. The contests, which drew more than 10,000 digital art entries, focused on the drawing potential of Wacom’s Bamboo pen tablet computer while at the same time building relationships and creating a community of brand enthusiasts. Wacom’s Bamboo launch contests elicited more than 1.5 million votes from Facebook users, making the contest potentially the most popular for a third-party application on Facebook, which has about 7 million subscribers. Additionally, the Bamboo by Wacom Facebook page has more than 3,200 subscribed fans and it averages 1,000 visits per day. (

NEW ERA – The agency that created this campaign for Wacom, Guerilla PR, saw that the way to launch an artistic product was to take it to the artists through a channel they use for both their work and their social lives – Facebook. The Wacom Bamboo launch contest showed the creative power of the new pen tablet in a most convincing way and the payoff is continuing as users spread the word. Guerilla PR feels we are in an era where successful communication relies on relevancy and adding value to consumers in a pull vs. push capacity. Guerilla PR sought to foster authentic relationships with individuals as opposed to marketing at them which resulted in generating a lot of awareness within a hard to reach younger audience. The effort was a huge success for Wacom.

Electronic Bamboo Campaign Press Kit & winners:


Can you write a better case study for your client? Email it to me and I might just post the entire thing! 🙂

  • So this is either an example of how different people are interested in things in different ways, or that she did her research in advance and wrote content in a way you’d actually enjoy.

    See, I personally read that content and am bored beyond belief. Why would I care how many subscribers the Facebook page had? Why would I need to see “NEW ERA” in all caps? I hate the word “Leverage” these days.

    But you read it and enjoyed it and blogged about it.

    Since I’m not sure whether the sender did pre-research on you, I’ll extend the benefit of the doubt and assume she did and that she crafted this email appropriate to your desired tone and content!

    Jake McKee’s last blog post..Rapid Fire – Wednesday, April 23

  • I think that idea is a pretty cool one, building buzz through contests seems to work fairly well.

  • @Jake – I guess it’s both. I did find the “case study” approach to a pitch to be far more enjoyable than the normal “We’re such and such, and this is why you should write about us….” In addition, so many people talk about using social media in their marketing, but there are few case studies, so wanted to share a successful one with you. 🙂