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BuzzLogic, an “online influence-targeting company” (reputation management to the rest of us) has announced the acquisition of Activeweave.

You’ve probably not heard of Activeweave, and you may not even care about the company. In fact, I’m not too sure if BuzzLogic even cares about Activeweave as a company. What it does care about is that Activeweave owns the cool browser application BlogRovR.

…the BlogRovR browser plug-in, was launched in 2007 and allows users to view relevant content from their favorite bloggers as they browse the Internet. The application works as a personalized search engine; every time a user views a Web page, BlogRovR fetches content from a list of pre-selected bloggers. If those bloggers have written about something similar, relevant content is displayed via collapsible tray within the browser. BlogRovR currently counts more than 180,000 registered users and monitors approximately 200,000 blogs.

Aha! Now we see why BuzzLogic acquired Activeweave and just how complimentary BlogRovR will be to the company’s existing Conversation Targeting service. With BlogRovR users providing BuzzLogic with feedback on the value of individual blogs, its Conversation Targeting ad platform can better match advertisers with blog publishers.

“This deeper understanding enhances our overall abilities to locate the best spots for our customers’ social media ad campaigns.” explains Rob Crumpler, CEO, BuzzLogic in a statement.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

P.S. My alternative post title was “Tell Your Kids About the Dogs and the Bees” but decided that was too lame/cryptic. Leave a comment with your alternative headline – “Buzzlogic Gone to the Dogs?” maybe? 😉