Names Marketing Pilgrim as “Valuable Niche Audience” for Advertisers

competeDid you know that if you read Marketing Pilgrim, you are 2.4 times more likely to be an “affluent American” earning over $100,000 a year?

In other words–for the benefit of marketers–buying advertising on Marketing Pilgrim will help you reach a highly valued segment of web users. has just named Marketing Pilgrim as one of the top sites to “Find Affluent Internet Users.” What does that mean?

These sites, although usually under-leveraged by ad networks and underused by media buyers, reach valuable niche audiences and can be efficiently and effectively used by creative brand advertisers to achieve success. Among the top torso websites that accept advertising and whose audience is overrepresented by affluent Americans are:

So, thanks to all our hard working writers, and thanks to all of our highly valued readers. OK, so you may not feel you fall into the category of “affluent” but in our book, you’re each worth a million dollars!

Oh, and yes, we have some ads slots available to anyone interested! ;-)