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Dr. Judy Strauss and I couldn’t make the claim that Radically Transparent is the most comprehensive guide to online reputation management, if we hadn’t quoted the research of Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross. Gaines-Ross’ work in corporate reputation management is legendary and she’s followed-up her excellent CEO Capital book with the equally informative Corporate Reputation: 12 Steps to Safeguarding and Recovering Reputation.

The book is a must read for any company executive facing a corporate crisis–or is smart enough to realize that pretty much every company faces a reputation crisis at some point. If Radically Transparent is the blueprint for monitoring and managing your online reputation, Corporate Reputation is the book that fleshes our corporate reputation repair in the offline (real?) world.

The book is an easy read–which is tough to do when talking about reputation management, trust me I know–and, as the title suggests, the repair process is divided up into 12 different steps. My favorites being “Step 1: Take the Heat–Leader First” and “Step 8: Seize the Shift.” The latter explaining how corporate crises can often be linked back to shifts in business climate that leaders failed to see or ignored.

Drawing on her work with Weber Shandwick, and citing numerous case studies (IBM, BP, Xerox, Tyco, and Boeing), Gaines Ross does an excellent job with Corporate Reputation.

In summary; no CEO should be handed the reigns of a company, until they’ve read all 160 pages of this brilliant book.