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Did a Twitter User Just Trash Your Online Reputation? Measure Their Influence

Twitter has become adopted enough among social media influencers that you should be monitoring the service daily for reputation attacks.

Want to automate the process? Tweet Scan is a free service that does just that (you can also use

But, how do you know if the Twitter user has the reach and influence to have an impact on your reputation?

Well, first you should look at how many people are following that person. For example, over 1500 Twitter users currently follow my “tweets” on Twitter. If I had something negative to say about your reputation, I’d influence an audience larger than that of many blogs.

Second, you should probably look at the velocity of their Twitter usage and who they’re talking to. Your detractor might not be anyone you’ve heard of, but if they’re talking to an influential blogger or journalist on a regular basis, you should definitely consider them a threat to your good name.

How do you accomplish the latter? You use a service such as TweetStats, which measures a host of interesting stats about any Twitter user. Here are the stats for my Twitter account:

Not only can you see that I’m addicted to Twitter, but you can also monitor who I tweet (talk) with the most.

You can also use a service such as to track Twitter conversations with others.

Consider Twitter a very early warning system. Trust me when I tell you that many conversations you see in blogs, started as a Twitter conversation hours earlier.

UPDATE: Keri Morgret points to proof that at least one company (Comcast) is monitoring Twitter conversations. When TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington griped about Comcast on Twitter, it was listening:

Within 20 minutes of my first Twitter message I got a call from a Comcast executive in Philadelphia who wanted to know how he could help. He said he monitors Twitter and blogs to get an understanding of what people are saying about Comcast, and so he saw the discussion break out around my messages.

(Hat-tip to David Churbuck for bringing TweetStats to my attention)


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