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Thanks to everyone who entered the final week of the Radically Transparent prize giveaway. The correct word to email me was, what else, “transparent.” Congratulations to Jaan Kanellis who wins the random draw for the $25 Amazon Gift Certificate.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for–who wins the Eee PC laptop grand prize? After throwing all of the entries from the past 4 weeks into a hat, we have our grand prize winner.

Congratulations to “NextInstinct!” (that’s a secret identity, by day he’s really Clark Kent)

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest–many entered all 4 weeks! An even bigger thanks to those that have purchased Radically Transparent. If you’re wondering what to do this week–now that the contest is over–might I suggest popping over to Amazon and leaving a book review? 😉

Thanks again and congratulations to all of our winners!

  • Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

    Jaan Kanellis’s last blog post..Get Answers From All Three Search Engines

  • Wow! Thank You! Wow!
    What can I say?

    I am so grateful for Andy’s/ MarketingPilgrim’s
    generous opportunity.

    I feel a bit embarrassed.
    Winning a huge prize for participating on such
    an edifying site feels like
    benefiting from a pristine spring every day, and then, receiving a gold chalice as well!

    Put another way;
    It’s great to have such a trustworthy source of fresh, relevant news and insights.
    But Radically Transparent was already the icing on the cake, without winning anything!

    [Full disclosure:
    I’m not gushing about it because I won.
    Since I received the book from Amazon,
    I’ve been telling every “guru” I’m friendly with, and all friends,that they MUST read this book before they spend another day online.
    It’s that important and well done.]

    Winning this is humbling but welcome.
    We thank you sincerely.


    I am Not going to text message the kids while they’re at school!
    Yes I am.

  • @Jaan – congrats! Not sure if you can buy a Chicken Dinner on Amazon though. 😉

    @NexInstinct – Thanks for entering and thanks for supporting the book. Just remember, if you kids get their hands on the Eee PC, you won’t see it again. 😉

  • I must admit to the book “Radically Transparent” is excellent thus far.

    Jaan Kanellis’s last blog post..Get Answers From All Three Search Engines

  • @jaan Well done sir.

  • Where is the ‘photo’ that got him the Eee laptop…

  • Hi Saad,

    It is here:


    On page 342, Andy points out these value in being
    Sincere, Transparent, Consistent.

    Hmmm, like emailing me twice this afternoon to ask preference, and confirm address, while busy
    finalizing a presentation he’s delivering at
    It’s inspiring to see ‘genuine’ alive and well.

  • Nice pic! Well I would really love to see a review of the Eee laptop from you soon! (Following you on Twitter).. I have tried it a few times and it seems pretty cool. What I’m interested to know is…whether it is ‘good enough’ for the following purposes – Email, IM, Twitter, Browsing, Blogging, RSS etc. The best thing i love about it is its ‘portability’.


  • @Saad – I’m sure the Eee PC will work well for the activities you mention – anything browser based should be fine.

    @NextInstinct – plus I had two client meetings and a biz dev lunch! 😉 BTW, let me know what color laptop you want – they come in all kinds of pretty colors now. 🙂

  • Congratulations to the winner! Even my book will arrive next month, I still want to read it. I can’t even wait!

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  • Hey! My First Post from the EeePC!! Kids are about to run off with it though! Yikes.

    Thank You again Andy…

  • @NextInstinct – well, we at least know it loads this web site. 🙂 Have fun with it.