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FeedBurner and Google Finally Start Integrating

Last Friday, a scant eleven months after Google’s acquisition of FeedBurner was confirmed, the FeedBurner blog announced that the two sites have finally begun their integration:

In the coming weeks, upon visiting, selected publishers will have the opportunity to sign in using their Google Account and experience FeedBurner, now as part of the Google.

FeedBurner says that the early changes won’t be very noticeable, though “it may look a bit Googlier around the edges.” Eventually, it “will start to look and feel more like a set of Google services.”

Most important, of course, is the culmination of the speculation we’ve all had since the acquisition rumors first started flying:

we will be completing much tighter integration into other Google services such as Google AdSense.

The integration really began six months ago when FeedBurner began integrating AdSense for bloggers’ on-site use. However, as Andy pointed out at the time, using FeedBurner instead of AdSense directly to set up ads on your blog offered little advantage.

In November, FeedBurner promised that they were “working tirelessly over here to integrate feed-related services into the Google family of products.” Apparently they’re going to have to keep working at it.

The migration will also affect some APIs: the Management API will only support current users and current Google AdSense API users; the Awareness API will require you to use your Google login in the future.