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It appears TechCrunch has the scoop on the rumored Flickr video service.

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • Videos limited to 90 seconds and 150MB in size.
  • Video stills appears alongside images.
  • Videos can be tagged and geotagged–just like images.
  • A clean, embedable video player.
  • Anyone can view videos, but only Pro users can upload (Pro license is $25 a year).

Interesting that videos are limited in size. Is that a bandwidth issue at Yahoo, or part of Flickr’s efforts to set itself apart from YouTube–while keeping purist users happy?

Update: Here’s an example video (from Flickr itself). Where can you upload and view videos on Flickr? We’re still looking–stay tuned.

  • The question is whether users will stump up the $25 to post 90 second videos, when they can do 10 minute vids for free on YouTube and others?


  • Agreeing with Stuart, why would anyone pay for 90 second video hosting when there are plenty of free ones for much bigger files? There must be some sort of extra bonuses we simply don’t know about.

  • Here’s my thought on this limit. Flickr anticipates that the videos will be the kind you take with your digital camera–you know the “movie mode”short clips–hence, they want the videos you film alongside your photos, not your Hollywood productions.

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    Why would i pay $25 to upload only 90 sec videos, there is no point of this 🙁 I like the flicker for photos, but file size of videos are really limited.

  • Though I disagree with the payment model that Flickr is using for uploading videos, I do understand that they are certainly not owned by Google, nor have the funding to allow such bandwidth that video can eat up.

  • Yeah I think the Pro license cost is not reasonable…I think they should review about this. It affects people interest.

  • I а no one can upload video to Yahoo, why would they start this service?

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    Well, youtube is still the best for video storage,

  • Youtube is the best now. But Flickr service is good for those countries – where Youtube is blocked.

  • That’s cool. But with so much happening in the area of using video to market product, has anyone started a site where you can get stock video to use? You know like the way the PLR sites let you sign-up and use their content.

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  • Yes. No doubt youtube is still my favorite. Why would anyone pay for a service and there is better service for free.

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