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I guess it’s not enough to have a rumor that Google might want to take Skype off of eBay’s hands. Now comes a rumor that Google might have an interest in buying travel company Expedia.

Why in the world would Google want to buy Expedia?

I’m serious. An online travel site is probably the furthest thing from Google’s core business, and doesn’t even get close to some of the more experimental Google products. At least the Skype rumor has some merit–Google could combine with Google Talk and Grand Central.

Of all the rumors circulating the web, Google buying Expedia is probably the most unlikely. Still, it has resulted in a nice bump to Expedia’s–up 9%–which makes you think that someone at Expedia started the rumor.

BTW, I’ve heard rumors that Google wants to buy 😉

  • Google buying Expedia would make me so happy. Alas, are they not in bed with MSN? Maybe I’m mixing something up, but I think they are.

    Sure would make my job a little easier if it were Google though.

  • Josh,

    Expedia Inc. is still philisophically aligned with Microsoft, as it was founded by Microsoft, but it was sold to IAC and then spun off into its own public company covering:,,,,, and as well as all of their mini brands.

    As far as Google buying Expedia, I just don’t see it. It would could damage their long term online revenue streams as Expedia Inc. spends tens millions and by owning Expedia Inc. it would hamper their relationships with all the other major travel providers who also spend tens of millions anually.

  • theoretically speaking – do you think Google could use Expedia as a starting point for their long-overdue travel vertical? It has the relationships and information structure to be almost instantly competitive with Yahoo! Travel.

    Just a thought

  • @Carrie – they could, but Google’s not shown any interest in getting into anything other than advertising channels. Why would they want to be a travel operator?

  • @Andy:

    There was some talk a year or more ago of Google moving into the Travel vertical – although I’m pretty sure it’s gone nowhere in reality. I found a few articles I (still!) had bookmarked from then:

    Just theory and speculation at this point but it could be the basis for the present “rumor.”


  • It’s a good information.

  • Imagine if they bought Expedia and you were doing SEO for Travelocity or any other travel website. Man I would not be happy.

  • It might help out with some of their real estate interests. Plus, if they buy Expedia – they can keep all the AdSense revenue or get their employees good deals on vacations!! Other than that, I’m not sure what they’d want with Expedia.

    I guess one strategy is to own everything.

  • PS3

    Interesting theory Carrie, I have to admit that I hadn’t heard the expression “travel vertical” before. My mind wandered to holidays to the moon for a minute….

  • I’m sure that rumor made you smile. How much would you ask for Trackur anyways? Looking at Google’s deep pockets, you could ask for the moon. As for Expedia, maybe Google has a surprise up its sleeve.

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  • @Nicole – maybe I can get Google and Microsoft to get into a bidding war. 😉

  • No they want to by Moeller industries tick symbol. MLER

  • @andybeal – re Trackur — Yeah, Google needs more capabilities for tracking events on the web because that search thing of theirs isn’t working so hot. Hold out and sell to a traditional agency, but only after some mysterious new blogs from Russia trash their execs’ personal lives.


    [let me know if you need a number in Moscow…]

  • I highly doubt. HIGHLY doubt that the government would let this happen. Antitrust anyone?

  • Just do it! Kill your business model Google.

    Ain’t gonna happen – agree with Iowa

    John McLaughlin, Day Traders – Consultant / Coach