Posted April 30, 2008 10:41 am by with 8 comments

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"Google has announced the acquisition of Measure Map, an analytics tool aimed at bloggers looking to better understand their audience."

I wrote the above back in February 2006. Since then, we’ve not heard anything out of Google or Measure Map–until today.

About your Measure Map account

Remember Measure Map? A couple of years ago, we gave you an account on an
early alpha test of our blog analytics software. Since then, a lot has
happened. We got acquired by Google, we redesigned their Analytics app, and
we’ve since rebuilt Measure Map from the ground up.

I’m writing you because we need to move everyone over from their Measure Map
accounts to the new version at Google. If you’re no longer interested, no
problem. You can stop reading this now. But if you’d like to try out the new
service, here’s how: [instructions followed]

The above email was posted on TechCrunch and reading Arrington’s notes, it appears Measure Map will be integrated–entirely or in part, we’re not sure–with Google Analytics.

No news on the re-launch date and it will be interesting to see what metrics it offers, that Google Analytics doesn’t. I’d like to see trackback and comment data measured and perhaps even allow me to tag regular readers of the site (like Woopra does).

What blog specific analytics would you like to see Measure Map roll out?