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UPDATE: Andrew Chang left a comment to let us know that he did inadvertently post his ToDo list to the official Google blog. He explains how it happened.

Oops. As many of you have noticed, yesterday I accidentally posted my personal to-do list onto this blog. I realized my mistake only when a fellow Googler IM’d me: “any idea what’s going on here? Just checked the blog, and there’s a new (inexplicable) post.” Soon after, I unpublished the post – because I’m assuming that you, our dear readers, aren’t too interested in reading about my weekend activities (cleaning my shelves) and that I’m shopping for tofu and one large cabbage this weekend.

Here’s what happened: I was testing out a feature that allows you to create and edit blog posts in Docs and publish them directly to your blog. I picked a to-do list that my wife and I collaborate on for our weekend chores and grocery list. Then I clicked “Share” and “Publish as a web page” (thinking that I’d be posting to a test blog of mine). One button click later, my list was out there for the world to see. I’ve since changed my settings to not post to this blog.

Embarrassed… yes. Next time I’ll try to be a little less trigger-happy with the ‘Post to blog’ button.


Don’t get too excited, but it’s possible we might soon see a “ToDo” list launch from Google.

OK, I know some of you are already yawning, but a ToDo list really is an important component of any office suite of products and, as simple as it should be to build one, there’s no excuse for Google to not offer one.

Why the speculation? It’s somewhat tenuous, but someone spotted a post at the official Google Docs Blog that was subsequently deleted.

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This suggests:

a) We might get a ToDo list from Google, but the news was published too soon.

b) Someone posted their grocery list to the wrong blog.

Since dumping Office, I’ve missed the awesomeness of the Outlook ToDo list–even Remember the Milk leaves me wanting. If Google can offer a ToDo list that sits alongside my Gmail & Calendar, I’d be in task-list heaven.


  • No kidding. I’ve been Outlook-free for a few months now and most of the time I love it. RTM does a good job but there were some great, slick mgt processes inside Outlook tasks. But if Google were to do it right and integrate it with gCal and gMail, well, I’d be all set! I hope they do it soon.

  • I’ve tried a few different to do lists… is very good – web-based, and great at hierarchical tasks

    Currently using Things (Mac only beta) – – which I’m liking a lot. Similar to gmail in that you add one or more labels to tasks, meaning that the structure/organisation is a little more fluid.

  • I have been looking into this, Getting Things Done plugin for firefox,

    Has some awsome bits it and if you like the David Allen approach this is a great add on to Gmail

  • these lists are the foundations of Project management software.

    im surprised they didnt do it sooner considering the successes of Basecamp by 37 signals.

    i switched to it a while ago and love it, especially coming from using microsoft project.

    right now i use iprioritize for my personal tasks, and it works nicely, but i wish it was already tied into my google logins, then it would be completely seamless

    so if google makes their own, then i will probably be forced to switch

  • There are so many small software available that do this function very well. I have one installed that even has an alarm system. You can set an alarm for individual items. It helps me speed up and finish work faster. Nevertheless, Google offering it is good. I’m sure they will add something special to it that will make it better than all others.

  • @Nicole – I know that for me, a tool that is web based is the key. That way I can check from any computer.

  • Marc

    web based CRM from has made a mockery of Microsoft and other CRM packages

    they have billions at their disposal but fail to innovate or use the tools available

    the incumbents seem to become so complacent wallowing in their success that they become short-sighted and corrupt. Case in point: George W. Bush

  • Oops. My mistake. I accidentally posted my personal to-do list on the Google Docs blog yesterday. I’ve explained what happened here:

  • @Andrew – whoops! Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Thanks for clarifying what happened, I updated the post.

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  • Since I dumped Outlook, I have been using the to-do list at for $3 a month. I find it extremely simple to use because it is date-based. I never have to look at my whole list because I just move things to the dates they belong on. But my favorite feature is updating the list using e-mail. If I send you an e-mail but I want to follow up in three days if you haven’t responded, I can bcc: and it shows up on my Web to-do list for three days from now. It’s amazing to me how much easier things have become since I switched. I don’t recommend too many tools, but this one has been too good to keep quiet.

  • Why mine post about ToDoList software was deleted?

  • Steve Teal

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Google launches a ToDo list, a buy your Google groceries, a Google gas station, and a Google phone card in the near future too. Take any service and add a Google prefix. Heck, there’s aleady Google Earth anyways.


  • Despite the fact that I love technology and I love to-do lists, I still find that I reach for a piece of paper when I want to make a to-do list. It takes a surprising amount of effort to make myself log on to a web-based service for the same thing. Then again, if Google offered it and it fit in simply with Gmail, I might be converted.

  • Steve Teal

    I agree with you Piper. Recently I bought a windows mobile powered smartphone so i can start digitizing my calendar. However i still find myself reaching for my paper calendar to fill in my schedule. Maybe a part of me still needs to write it or i just haven’t full integrated into digital to do lists and calendars.

  • I don’t know if this one will be deleted again, bt just trying to help. I am not the owner of that softare and it’s free.



    I’ve been looking for good ToDoList for a while… Till I found this one.

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