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Over at SE Roundtable, Tamar reports that Google has updated her site’s sitelinks. Google Webmaster Tools has been teasing me with sitelinks for my personal site for a while, so I checked it out: and there they were.

google sitelinks for [mamablogga] in serp

Two problems here, though: First, Google Webmaster Tools claims that I don’t have any sitelinks. Second, I blocked the bottom two sitelinks weeks ago when Google first began teasing me with sitelinks in Webmaster Tools. (I can’t tell you exactly when it was because I didn’t really keep track—and every time you go back to the GWT Sitelinks page, it extends the 90 block.)

google webmaster tools - sitelinks for mamablogga

Yes, it takes time for changes in GWT to show up in SERPs, but considering that this block has been in place since before I had sitelinks, you’d think they could get it right.

I’m also pretty confused as to why it’s chosen those two links as “worthy” of inclusion. A quick check of other Google Webmaster Tools stats shows that eight other pages have more internal and external links than either of those—as many as 100+ times the links. Neither of the bottom sitelinks feature in my site’s navigation, and they haven’t been updated in months.

I guess I’ll take the sitelinks, even the ugly ones, but, like most of us, I don’t get why they’ve chosen these. Let’s hope Google’s not kidding when they assure us that “we are always working to improve how we find and display sitelinks.” I mean, it’s not like they’ve messed up sitelinks before.

Anybody else have any fun sitelinks stories?

  • I don’t have any problems with sitelinks, but when i had checked webmasters tools there weren’t any links leading to my site, so I little confused still.

  • Maybe Mamablogga should give Google a good spank in the tush. 😛

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  • Only thing I can remind people is – dont ever disallow a sitelink if possible – I had 8, got rid of one before I found out you wont get it back. I would only disallow one if its one that I dont want people clicking to, and in which case why should I have it on the site in the first place?

  • I’m not even sure how I can get my sitelinks to show. Any advice? ~Steve

  • I don’t have any sitelinks.

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  • @Steve Teal – you cant – google decideds whether your site deserves them or not unfortunately.

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