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Update: Google’s Q1 2008 numbers our released, and it’s grown income by 31%!!! More here.

Mark your calendars for this Thursday. That’s when Google will reveal its Q1 numbers for 2008. This is normally a big day for investors anyway, but this time the stakes are higher than normal.

After missing the targets many analysts had set for Q4 2007, and back to back reports of reduced search query and paid click growth, Wall Street is anxious to see if Google’s still the “sure thing” it has been for the past couple of years.

The company’s first quarter announcement will be as important as federal rate cut or economic forecast–perhaps even becoming a sign of the severity of any recession. Hit (or exceed) projections and expect Google shares to make back some of what it’s given up over the past couple of months. Fail to reach expectations and you can expect Google’s stock to falter–if not tank–and you can pretty much assume Google won’t be making any big acquisitions any time soon. Without the $700+ stock price, any acquisition by Google would be a lot more costly.

So, any signs if Google will hit or miss on Thursday? comScore offers a glimmer of hope

Market research group Comscore Inc. said late Monday that Google’s volume of search queries in March grew 30% year-over-year, reversing a deceleration from January to February. The research group said the number of times people searched on Google increased 31% in the first quarter, compared with the year ago period.

Now, don’t pop the champagne just yet. That growth is for the number of search queries on Google, not “paid clicks“–which is a more important measurement–but, there’s at least something to suggest Google will not disappoint on Thursday.

  • Jaan Kanellis

    I will go with miss.

  • rcjordan

    I also think they’ll miss.

    BTW, they’re hedging …now want some leeway to be just a little bit evil.

  • Webomatica

    I have a bad feeling they will miss as well. The economy outside of tech is slowing down fast and it’s naive to think tech is immune.

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  • Web Marketing Man

    The whole world is tottering on the brink of recession, and a slowdown in the economy should lead to a general slowdown in most all areas. Consolidating market share should be the prime focus, rather than focusing on search volume. Am interested to see their posted earnings. The spate of Google execs leaving for greener pastures might also be indicative of a general levelling out of the google juggernaut.

  • Arun

    I don’t thing google is goin to miss. Google will definitely come up with better results.


    simple way of life

  • Seologia

    Thanks for the heads up! Will be looking forward to it.

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  • Elections guy

    Recession surely hit Google.

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  • Steven Bradley

    Since we’re all playing I’ll guess they narrowly avoid a miss, but they don’t quite register a hit.

    I’ll also guess that people will spin the results from both sides making them look better and worse than they really are.

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  • shafi

    I have in the site of miss..

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  • kamal

    I don’t think google will miss it out..

  • Mohammad

    Thanks for sharing, Nice article

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  • John Middleton

    Today’s the day! Cross your fingers. I hope they don’t miss. How about they just get right on expectations? That’s a happy medium, right?

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  • Rakhi

    I am sure google will come up with right figure, search marketing queries and serach engine marketing solutions will be refined futher.

  • Rakhi

    Really nice article to read, and I will work for my site. Google will miss or hit still is not clear.