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Jerry Yang Says Yahoo “Open to Any and All” Deals

Despite a solid financial earnings report, Yahoo’s Jerry Yang is not opposed to doing a deal with Microsoft or anyone else for that matter, according to Reuters.

"Our board and management team continue to be open to any and all alternatives, including a Microsoft deal," Yang told investors on a conference call to discuss the company’s first-quarter results, released earlier in the day.

And for those following our "The Young & the Profitless" soap opera, here’s latest episode:

After finally getting a much deserved boost (breast implants) Stacey was reportedly seen hanging out at "ladies night" at the local club. Wearing a revealing top–so she could show off her assets–Stacey made her way from guy to guy all evening. Will she go home empty handed? Will there be a 2am desperation call to Brad? Stay tuned for the next episode….

  • Jayson

    They had their chance to get a good amount of money for themselves months ago. I’m sure this will go down as a $10+ billion mistake.