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It appears Microsoft’s “Live” brand might actually have launched a service I may use–I know, right, who would have thunk it?

CNET is reporting the quiet launch of Live Search News and I have to admit, I like the simplicity of the site.

As you can see, it’s a surprisingly clean interface, local news is shown on the right (it sniffs your IP location), there are video results, and there are related links that look a lot like Techmeme’s “Discussion” section.

That said, there’s one glaring omission. Can you spot it?

I’ll give you a minute to take a look.

Give up? No RSS feeds anywhere in sight? I couldn’t find one for the main news topics nor for any search I completed. What’s up with that?

Live Search News is also missing Marketing Pilgrim from its list of sources, but they can fix that right after they add RSS feeds. 😉

  • RSS Feeds are important for me but I honestly think that will soon come. Why it wasn’t implemented before they launch doesn’t make sense but in this day it is pointless to not have an RSS Feed for a news site.

  • Nice – well I’m glad you might finally give Microsoft a little attention. I think Microsoft products are always clean, professional and inviting. I like using them, I just don’t always like what I get after using them!

    No RSS feed! – I’m sure that’ll change shortly

  • Am sure the RSS feed issue will bge addressed shortly…nice looking service, enjoy the fact that they’ve got local news. RSS is definitely needed though, how else to track? Def some mobile apps coming from this, with location targeted ads of course…

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  • I like the look of The Live Search. It will be nice if Google does get a little competition.

  • Yeah I like the interface too…Very nice. Anyway, so now Brad is no longer chasing Stacey 🙂 ?

  • I think I’d feel too dirty using it, just out of principle (I despise AdCenter and the fact that it never seems to work quite right in Firefox). It does look awfully nice, though.

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  • Looks like a Google SERP with an MSN Live logo.

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  • @Tiffany – looks like Brad’s keeping his options open.
    @Seologia – which is probably not a bad model to copy. 😉