Posted April 10, 2008 5:07 pm by with 2 comments

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Um . . . anybody know any good (clean) jokes?

Oh, look, it’s LINKY GOODNESS! Aren’t you glad we’re saved from another five minutes of uncomfortable conversation?

  • Is the world ready for Online Video Ads? eMarketer thinks online video ads are ready for the world, at least (available for a limited time).
  • A study last year (abstract) indicates that 80% of searches are informational, 10% are navigational and 10% are transactional (with 74% accuracy). Now you have the numbers to back up your suspicions! (via)
  • Google’s upcoming new feature: “Previous Query” Refinement
  • Once again, numbers to back up your suspicions: US Internet Behavior Signals Election Fatigue. (Not in the US? Imagine how tired you are of hearing about the latest Microsoft/Yahoo/WHOEVER deal and multiply that by seven.)
  • It’s funny, but I was watching a series of YouTube videos at work the other day and I didn’t even notice the ads at the bottom until a co-worker who didn’t know they put videos on some YouTube ads pointed it out. She was disgusted, and I was oblivious. I’d say the world is ready for them.

  • I think the world is ready, but we’re all getting desensitized to them. Who knows how they’ll get you attention next.