Posted April 15, 2008 5:46 pm by with 2 comments

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We need something better to celebrate than taxes today. I know—it’s Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday! And oh so very fittingly, we have a diverse collection of links today for linky goodness.

  • Am intrigued to see how Google goes against Baidu, but they are stating that their main areas of focus are going to be social media and mobile search. The Chinese market is huge, but definitely not a western one, so its going to be interesting to see their 5 year plan unfold.

  • Google already had a market share of about 17% a year ago and have grown to about 26% in the last one year. They hope to improve their share of the Chinese market further by going the mobile companies and social networking routes. The competition is quite stiff with Baidu holding about 60% and it will be a battle worth watching from the side lines.

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