Video Shows Lenovo X300’s Strengths Over MacBook Air

Before you leave for the day, you must watch this Lenovo parody video for the MacBook Air. This is how you create buzz, when you’re second to market with a thin laptop.

Hat-tip Gizmodo.

Linky Goodness, April 29

Linky Goodness: good to the last link.

Google AdWords Displaying Quality Score Variables

Reports are surfacing today that some Google AdWords ads, especially on (their German TLD), are displaying what may be variables used in determining quality scores: Pscore, mCPC and thresh. The numerical values have been spotted in both sidebar and shaded results:

Google AdWords Quality Score variables showing

Google AdWords Quality Score variables in sidebar ad

Various theories have come up to explain the meaning of each variable. mCPC seems to be minimum cost-per-click, but thresh and Pscore have proven more challenging.

As Barry mentions at Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan found a document (via a Google search for [pscore pagerank], of course) that may shed some light when it says:

Another is pscore which is used for storing the value calculated by PageRank. according to the score. The value of pscore represents the linked …

Twitter Traffic Up Again

If you read Marketing Pilgrim, or if you read online marketing blogs, you’ve probably heard of Twitter. It’s the rage at tech conferences and in certain communities. Outside of these circles, almost no one has heard of it. But while it may not have reached critical mass, the growth is pretty impressive.

I’ve noticed that people either haven’t heard of Twitter, have a mad crush on it, or HATE it. I asked a room full of paid search managers if they tweet, and one did. Out of the total number of people I work with (most of us do SEO or PPC) my guess is there are about 5 people on Twitter.

Microsoft Launches Live Mobile Product Search, Locator

Microsoft announced late yesterday the launch of a new mobile search offering—product search under their Live brand. Microsoft’s browser-based mobile product search, accessible from

The Live product search page displays products available in online stores (though the “Near Santa Cruz, CA” in the screen cap below would indicate that brick-and-mortars are also searched), including prices, ratings and reviews. The search results also composite ratings on specific features of the products, including things such as ease of use, and report the results back to you.

A sample generic search results page:
mobile product search from microsoft live

As part of this roll out, Live is also launching the “Find My Location” feature in the UK and Japan, triangulating users’ locations from cell phone towers. The feature, which currently only works with Vodafone, O2, Orange or T-Mobile networks in the UK, is similar to Google’s “My Location” feature, announced in November.

Take the Reputation Management Survey; Get a Trackur Special Offer!

After reading Radically Transparent, BearingPoint’s Paul Dunay wants to know just how ready companies are for reputation management.

Dunay tells us, "I feel that many companies are not prepared for the full extent of reputation management and my hypothesis is that more than 70% are not prepared to handle a reputation disaster especially when you factor in social networks and communities – which are conversations they maybe cant even see at this time."

As a side project for his blog and an upcoming MarketingProfs conference, Dunay’s conducting a brief Reputation Management for New Media survey. We want to encourage Marketing Pilgrim readers to take part, so please complete the survey. Not only will you get a copy of the results, but you’ll also receive a special offer for Trackur–details will come when the results are published.

Eee PC Laptop Prize Winner Is…

Thanks to everyone who entered the final week of the Radically Transparent prize giveaway. The correct word to email me was, what else, “transparent.” Congratulations to Jaan Kanellis who wins the random draw for the $25 Amazon Gift Certificate.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for–who wins the Eee PC laptop grand prize? After throwing all of the entries from the past 4 weeks into a hat, we have our grand prize winner.

Congratulations to “NextInstinct!” (that’s a secret identity, by day he’s really Clark Kent)

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest–many entered all 4 weeks! An even bigger thanks to those that have purchased Radically Transparent. If you’re wondering what to do this week–now that the contest is over–might I suggest popping over to Amazon and leaving a book review? ;-)