Linky Goodness, April 24

Okay, I’ll spare you my first idea for an introduction: a nursery rhyme including variations on the word ‘linky.’ We’ll just stick to the links.

Yahoo Starts SearchMonkey Rollout

yahoo searchmonkey logoBack in February, Yahoo announced SearchMonkey, a project that would allow site owners and developers to customize their search engine listings’ appearance and information. If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the release of this new tool, good news: today’s the day (for a limited release, anyway). The full release will be May 15th.

SearchMonkey creates customized listings for categories of pages on your site: e.g. all your product pages, all your profile pages, etc. Their original example looked at the difference between a plain Yelp listing in Yahoo results:

plain yelp listing in yahoo results

And a SearchMonkey-enhanced listing:
searchmonkey enhanced yelp listing in yahoo results

Alternatively, you can add an infobar at the bottom of your listing:
searchmonkey enhanced movie listing with infobar

Google Ads for Mobile Phones Get Images

Google AdWords advertisers who want to show ads on mobile phones had just one choice – text ads. Now they can also run banner ads – or as Google calls them “mobile image ads.” They are like regular banner ads but smaller.

All of the mobile image ads are keyword-targeted. You pay only when someone clicks on the ad (unlike many others that charge per impression or how many times your ad is viewed). There are four sizes of banners to choose from: (305 x 64), (215 x 34), (192 x 53), (167 x 30). The ads display the URL that they go to and the links must go to a mobile web page.

eBay Seller Sues Buyer for Leaving “Neutral” Feedback

Living in a Radically Transparent world is, it seems, not without risk. Apparently a Seattle man was recently sued for $10,000 because he left a “Neutral” rating for an eBay seller from North Carolina.

Sued! For $10k for using a system that eBay implemented to encourage feedback!!!

Shellhorn bought some Morgan silver dollars from a man in North Carolina. The price was fair, but Shellhorn says the coins were packed poorly.

“The coins were hanging out of the envelope, loose, with no packing whatsoever around them,” he said.

The seller wanted feedback. Shellhorn couldn’t honestly say the deal was good or bad so he took the middle ground.

“This is neutral feedback, not even negative feedback, but neutral. He sued me for $10,000,” he said.

I Want Your RSS Feed, Again!

A little over a year ago, I asked readers to share their RSS feed with me.

I did this out of concern that my news sources would consist of nothing but “A-listers” and I’d miss out on the insights of those that wrote fantastic posts, but hadn’t yet found the spotlight.

It’s time to do it again!

Here’s how it works. You leave your RSS feed URL in the comments below (no other links please, just the RSS feed). I’ll subscribe to the first 100 and will continue to do so for the next two weeks. After the two weeks are up, I’ll keep subscribing to anyone that really added value to my daily reading.

Sound like a deal? :-)

Here’s who I’m still subscribed to, after last year’s request:

Pilgrim’s Picks for April 24

It’s a slow news day today. Which typically guarantees that something big will happen while I’m away from my computer–it invariably does.

Take a look at the Picks below. While others have made entire blog posts out of each announcement, we value your time and respect that you’re intelligent enough to form your own opinion. That said, feedback is welcomed–would you have wanted any of these Picks discussed in a unique blog post?

You Will Embrace Mobile Advertising! Resistance to Google is Futile

Google must have a lot more confidence in the growth of mobile marketing than I do because it has just launched some new mobile image ads.

According to the Google Mobile Blog

For advertisers, mobile image ads serve as a branding tool and have shown to have good clickthrough rates. Advertisers using mobile image ads will also benefit because we only show one image ad per mobile page. For publishers, mobile image ads provide added flexibility. They can now choose to show text ads, image ads, or a mix of both and Google will dynamically return the ad that we expect will perform best at the time the ad is shown. Publishers who are already using AdSense for mobile content just need to update their AdSense code to start displaying mobile ads on their site.