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Is any of today’s news real? Let me tell you, today is the day that you don’t want to be in the business of reporting internet news–the whole web has gone April Fools crazy!

If any legitimate news does surface today, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, enjoy this selection of April Fools jokes (mostly Google-related).

  • The official Google blog announces a joint space venture between Google and Virgin.
  • InfoWorld plays April Fools roulette by suggesting Microsoft & Yahoo have agreed on a price. Never mess with Wall Street–you could get sued!
  • Google Docs users will see new drop-down menu items, including “New Airplane.”
  • Google Calendar adds a new “Wake Up Kit” to its offering.
  • Meanwhile, RWW has news that Google will soon serve-up AdSense ads in our dreams.
  • Change the date of your Gmail’s so that they appear to have been sent in the past.
  • One of my favorites from Google Australia. Search for items one day in the future with gDay.
  • Danny’s suggestion, that Microsoft will pay $1m a year to anyone that stops using Google, actually has some merit.
  • Of course, if you had your Google Watch on, you could do all of this from the comfort of your own wrist. 😉

Seen any other good April Fools jokes? Leave a link in the comments to your favorites.

  • I must say i hesitated for a bit before clicking on these links. I learned not to trust anyone on April fool’s day. Especially on the internet… 😀

  • Improve your Search Rankings FAST – only $19.95

    (Video about a new SEO service for April Fools)

  • Love it! Here’s one from John Battelle. Too good to be true so it MUST be an April fools 😉

  • Automotive Housewife click on any featured video

  • Katie

    Entertainment site reports one Ohio city decides to raise legal drinking age to 28:

  • PS3

    I flippantly told my daughter that her school had been flooded and the local radio had announced its closure for the day.

    Boy did I have some trouble explaining that to her friend’s parents. I was the fool! lol

  • “Dmoz converts to German” was a ‘press release’ which appeared on home page. Of course it was an April 1st joke. See details on