Pilgrim’s Picks for April 22 – Earth Day Edition

Today is Earth Day. If you’ve not already thought about steps you can take to help protect the planet, maybe today is a good day to start. :-)

While you’re giving that some thought, here are today’s Picks:

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  • http://www.greatpriceshere.com Nicole

    David Churbuck’s post should wake Honda up. This is not how Honda’s dealers normally behave. I am surprised. I hope that you will follow up on what actually happens.

    Nicole’s last blog post..Need a New Computer?

  • Dean

    Churbuck should quit whining and be thankful that Vonage didn’t make his lawnmower, then he’d really know the definition of bad customer service :)

  • http://www.churbuck.com/wordpress David Churbuck

    I didn’t flip a coin, I flipped out! I hate doing this stuff because it is done to me all the time, but consider this a test of the process.

    And yes, I am grateful I do not mow my lawn with a Vonage phone.

    David Churbuck’s last blog post..Deborah Fallows: Few in China Complain About Internet Controls

  • http://www.gadgets4nowt.co.uk PS3

    We have a major Honda plant here. They have just banned workers eating snacks at break times to “maintain quality control” (as if a chocolate bar will harm that?)

    The workers are going on strike!

  • http://www.marketingpilgrim.com Andy Beal

    @PS3 – take away my chocolate snack and I’d strike too! ;-)