Pilgrim’s Picks for April 23 – Politics Edition

I’ve decided to use Marketing Pilgrim to mention politics for the first time!


Let’s not mention it again. :-)

Instead, let’s move on to today’s Picks:

  • Microsoft has launched its Live Mesh "thingy." Judging by all the buzz, I’m sure it’s going to change the entire web–I’m just not nerdy enough to get excited about it just yet.
  • Equally uninspiring, Mahalo announces the launch of "Microformats." (Nofollow added to the link, cos Jason Calacanis has once again said he doesn’t value SEO)
  • Jim Killeen Googled his name and decided to track down the 24 others that shared it. His "Google Me" documentary airs on YouTube this Friday.
  • Twitter has launched service in Japan. I hope they used a different set of servers, because the US version can hardly keep up as it is.
  • The Live Search team have announced the addition of "site links." Let’s hope they can have better luck than Google.