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I don’t know about you, but I’m glad we get to put April Fools day behind us for another year. At one point, I was so skeptical about the legitimacy of the news, I wouldn’t even believe what I published myself! 🙂

A sense of order has return to the world. Unless of course you happen to be an employee at DoubleClick.

  • Yahoo’s VP of video and music applications Ian Rogers is leaving the company to launch Topspin Media.
  • RWW has study on the platforms we use for sending messages on Twitter. 56% use the web page, 8% instant messenger, and 7% Twhirl (my favorite). Missing from the data? How long each user has been on Twitter. I suspect new users start with the web interface before migrating to a third-part app.
  • China officials have promised the media will get uncensored internet access for the Beijing Olympic Games.
  • Former Citysearch CEO Briggs Ferguson is joining Idearc as its President of Internet/Web products and pay-for-performance advertising.
  • Add LinkedIn’s Company Profile pages to your list of competitive intelligence tools.
  • Michelle Greer has details of a new mobile publishing platform coming from WordPress.